My name is Myry and this is my lair. Please take your shoes off before entering...

Here you're going to find all kinds of Things that fascinate me. This is my personal little cave, so I'm in no hurry with adding stuff in here - albeit I'm super excited to get back into maintaining a website! I'm passionate about video games and developing them, movies, Linux and open-source software, digital art and animation.. and more! So be prepared to see me add pages about those topics in here in the future. And of course other random things that pop in my head as well.

Update Log

07.07.22 Added new navigation bar links and made sites for them, added buttons, updated the general look a bit.

03.07.22 Added History to the About section, updated the Home page.

29.06.22 Finally updated the theme! It's still a WIP but I'm happy I got the general structure working (with the help of Sadgrl's theme builder). I also updated the About page a little bit, and added the Blog page.